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Rules & Punishments

Left4Craft is intended to be a safe and friendly community of players of different ages. The rules are enforced to ensure all members are treated fairly and can have fun.

The rules apply to all players/members of the community. Donating does not make you exempt; however, we're not saying we won't unban you if you donate post-punishment. 😉

Anyone found to have breached the rules may face punishment as described below.


It is up to staff discretion as to what constitutes a breach of the rules, and what punishment(s) may follow. The punishments listed below are a guideline, which staff are not obliged to strictly follow. The highest-ranking member of staff available at the time has the final say.


1. General rules

1a. Be kind, helpful, and friendly

1b. There is no tolerance to abuse of teleportation (such as to trap or kill players)

1c. You are responsible for your account and anything that it is used for

1d. Please don't use explicit, rude, or offensive names or skins

1e. You may not use an alternate account for afk uses, as it provides and unfair advantage (but you may use your main account)

1f. You may not use an alternate account to evade bans

2. Use in-game and Discord chat appropriately

2a. Refrain from swearing - serious explicit language will not be tolerated

2b. Speak in English whenever possible (private messages can be used for non-english conversations)

2c. Private messages should not be used for advertising or spam

2d. Do not spam (repeating the same message more than necessary)

2e. Don't advertise

2f. Don't unnecessarily mention/ping others (eg. @Staff)

2g. Respect the discrimination policy

2h. Please refrain from having political discussions

3. Be respectful to all players and staff

3a. Harassment/bullying will not be tolerated

3b. Don't be demanding / beg others to do something for you

3c. Don't ask for staff ranks unless you're going to apply correctly

3d. Constant negative attitude may lead to being muted

4. PvP appropriately

4a. All players involved must agree to fight

4b. Unless all players agree otherwise, items must be returned after death

4c. Intentionally using or allowing mobs to kill a player is considered PvP

4d. If someone says "stop", stop immediately; it will be considered unauthorised PvP if you don't.

5. Do not cheat or exploit glitches

5a. Use of unintended duplication methods is forbidden

5b. Report glitches or bugs immediately, do not exploit them

5c. Do not use any unauthorised clients or mods. See authorised modifications

5d. Do not accept any inappropriately obtained items

5e. Any type of xray mod or resource pack is not allowed

6. Play nicely and build appropriately

6a. Griefing and raiding are not allowed (we have world interaction logs)

6b. If someone raids or griefs you, alert staff immediately in-game or on Discord (@Staff)

6c. If you have found an area that is obviously player built but not claimed, leave it alone. Finding it doesn't make it yours

6d. Staff have the right to remove any construction they deem to be inappropriate or offensive

6e. Constructions or contraptions that are intended to cause lag are not allowed

Discrimination policy

  1. Discrimination (based on sex, ethnicity, age, nationality, religion, opinions, viewpoints, server rank, or anything else) is strictly prohibited.
  2. Expressing extreme dislike of others (based on sex, ethnicity, age, nationality, religion, opinions, viewpoints, server rank, or anything else) will not be tolerated.

Authorised modifications

The following clients and mods are allowed:

  • Optifine
  • Sodium
  • LabyMod
  • No Chat Reports
  • Badlion client
  • Lunar client
  • Schematic Mod (As long as it doesn't build for you and is not used for build tests)

If it is not listed here, it is not allowed. If you believe this list is missing something that should be allowed, contact an admin on Discord.

Please note these modifications are neither endorsed nor supported by Left4Craft. All client modifications are installed at your own risk.


Not all potential punishments are listed. As previously stated, this table is a variable guideline but may be ignored by staff. A punishment may be more or less extreme than listed here, as it is the punishing member of staff's opinion on the specific situation. It will be up to their judgement if an offence surpasses severity 2.

Severity may refer to the number of times the offence has been committed, or how bad the offence was this time.

You may be able to appeal your punishment once.

Offence Severity 1 Severity 2
Use of an alt for afk perm ban on alt + 1mo ban on main
Use of an alt ban evation temp ip-ban on alt + 1mo ban on main
Disrespect, harassment, or bullying 1w mute 1mo mute
Serious explicit language 1w mute 1mo mute - perm mute
Discrimination 1mo mute - perm mute perm ban
Spam perm mute perm ban
X-ray 6mo ban perm ban
Use of 'hacks' perm ban
Exploiting glitches 6mo ban perm ban
PvP without consent 1w ban 3mo ban
Griefing 1mo ban - 6mo ban perm ban
Raiding 1w ban - 1mo ban perm ban


If you don't know what the duration codes mean, you can take a peek at the staff guide. The staff guide may also have more detailed outline of punishments for the number of offences and severity.

Last update: July 29, 2022