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Old worlds

So you can continue to enjoy your builds long after we update and reset, we make previous worlds available to download for as long as possible.


World Seed Spawn location Compressed size Links
Survival 1.13 - 1.15 (world) -3417273309160634301 -1215, 149, 609 21.2 GB Compressed, Uncompressed
Creative long ago - 1.15 -- ??? ??? ???
Survival 1.16 - 1.17 (world) 911358417907257 777, 96, -334 28.8 GB Compressed, Uncompressed
Survival 1.16 - 1.17 (world_nether) -- -- 3.9 GB Compressed, Uncompressed
Survival 1.16 - 1.17 (world_the_end) -- -- 3.4 GB Compressed, Uncompressed
Survival 1.18 (world) -796373454075539119 1087, 93, -509 17.5 GB Compressed, Uncompressed
Survival 1.18 (world_nether) -- -- 2.2 GB Compressed
Survival 1.18 (world_the_end) -- -- 1.0 GB Compressed

Other downloads are available here.

The "Compressed" links are ZIP files containing the entire world, whilst "Uncompressed" links go to a page where you can download specific files.

How to download specific chunks

The worlds can be over 20GB in size which may be too large for some players to be able to download or save. This guide explains how to download your own builds without everyone else's.

  1. Use this tool to find the region names
  2. Click on the "Uncompressed" link for the world
  3. Select and download all of the MCA region files you need from region/ and entities/
  4. Optionally, download the advancements/, playerdata/, and stats/ files with your UUID in the file name
  5. Launch Minecraft (with the version that the world was originally made for) and create a new world using the seed from the table above
  6. Move the previously downloaded files into your new local world save folder

Merging The Nether and The End

If The Nether and The End are also available, you can merge them into the main save folder.


  • Download and decompress the entire world (called world_nether or world_end) using the "Compressed" link
  • Use the "Uncompressed" link, navigate to DIM-1/ for The Nether or DIM1/ for The End, and download specific files from region/ and entities/ as described above

Then, move the downloaded files into the DIM-1/ (Nether) and DIM1/ (End) folders inside the main save folder

You should now have a directory tree that looks like this:

|- advancements
|- data
|- datapacks
|- DIM1
|  |- data
|  |- entities
|  |- poi
|  |- region
|- DIM-1
|  |- data
|  |- entities
|  |- poi
|  |- region
|- entities
|- playerdata
|- poi
|- region
|- stats

Last update: June 21, 2022