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How to join

Type /creative to join the Creative server

In creative, each play gets 1 or more large (101*101) flat plots. You can use this space to design your Survival base, test redstone, or just be creative.


All plotme commands are called with /plot or /p. Global commands listed on the essentials page also apply.

Command Arguments Description
/p claim None Claim the plot the player is currently standing over
/p auto None Claim a nearby plot
/p delete None Unclaim a plot This will clear your plot and cannot be undone!
/p add [player] Allow a player to build on your plot only while you are online
/p trust [player] Allow a player to build on your plot, even if you are offline
/p remove [player] Remove a player's permission to build on your plot
/p merge [auto, n, s, e, w] Merge two adjacent claimed plots to form a mega plot
/p unlink None Unlink a mega plot into normal-sized plots
/p chat None Join the chat of the plot you are standing over

Rank Information

Information on each rank, including how many plots they can claim and world edit permissions, can be found at the shop

Last update: December 11, 2021