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This is not Left4Craft's home page - click here to go to the portal page.

Welcome to Left4Craft's Wiki.

If you are a new player, please read the welcome page and the rules.

The wiki is home to useful information, such as user commands an permissions, and guides, such as how to claim.

Please note that the wiki is incomplete and may be missing some information. If you would like to contribute1 to the wiki, see the contributing guide.

Using the wiki

To the left is the navigation pane which links all of the pages together. If you are looking for something specific, you can use the search box above, which searches page titles and their content. On the right of the page is the table of contents which shows where on a page you are and can be used to jump to a specific section.

Note for mobile viewers

The left and right sidebars may not appear on smaller devices. On mobile devices you must click on the "hamburger" menu icon at the top left on the screen to see the navigation pane. Clicking on the page you are already on will open the contents panel.

  1. Players who make meaningful contributions may receive in-game rewards. 

Last update: July 3, 2020