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The server makes use of an dynamic economy plugin, that allows players to sell and buy items, check costs, mantain a balance, and pay other players. Players start with $500 as starter money. Players can earn more money by voting, selling items, or participating in count to a million on the L4C discord server. Note that it is a random chance that participating in count to a million will result in winning money.

Earnings per action

Action Earnings
Voting $100
Selling Item Varies
Discord count to a million $25


Command Description
/buy <item> [amount] Buy items from the server
/sell <item> [amount] Sell items to the server
/sellhand Sell item in hand to the server
/sellall Sells all items in inventory (dangerous)
/cost [item] Displays how much an item is worth
/balance Displays amunt of money in players account
/pay <player> <amount> Transfer money to another player
/trade <player> Trade with a player


/sellall will sell everything in your inventory, not just all of one item! Remove anything your don't want to sell before using this command.


Initiate a trade by using /trade <player>. The other player will have 15 seconds to accept your trade offer by clicking in chat.

When accepted, both players will see a GUI (a virtual chest inventory) where you can echange items, money, XP, and claim blocks.

Last update: December 19, 2020