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Money can be earned by voting at voting, trading with players, participating in count to a million in the Discord server or selling items to the market.

Trade can take take place either on the public marketplace, or privately through /trade.

Earnings per action

Action Earnings
Voting $100
Selling Item Varies
Discord count to a million $25


Command Aliases Description
/balance [player] /bal See how much money you have
/balancetop /baltop See who has the most money
/pay <player> <amount> Transfer money to another player
/trade <player> Trade with a player
/mt Opens the main GUI.


The virtual marketplace allows players to list items for sale at a set price which other players can buy, even when the seller is offline. You can also buy and sell items to the server to earn money. Most transactions are taxed.


Command Description
/mt Opens the main GUI.
/mt help Lists all commands and their description.
/mt sell Sell the item in your hand.
/mt sell all Sells all items of the same type in your hand.
/mt price Check the price of the item in your hand.
/mt shop Opens the buy page.
/mt market Opens the market page where you may buy from other players.
/mt market sell <price> List items on the market for other players to buy.


The Trade GUI allows two players to safely exchange items, money, XP (experience points), and claim blocks. Neither player can take the other's items until both accept the trade.

Initiate trade with /trade <player>. The other player will have 15 seconds to accept your trade offer by clicking in chat.

Last update: August 11, 2023